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Separation System Role

 Separation system has to keep Cute-1.7 + APD II against the launch vibration. It catches a separation signal from the rocket and then deploy the satellite safely.


Separation System Overview
Separation System Overview (click to enlarge)

Separation system is made of magnesium and aluminum. We save its mass up to 2.0kg.
For example, the control circuit is located at the bottom of the system to reduce circuit box.

Method of Separation

Four satellite legs are hold by each latch lever. The latch levers are fasten by nylon string. At separation time, this nylon line is heated and melted down by nichrome wire and then springs push the satellite through the push rods and release it. The detail of this mechanism is shown in the following figure.

Hold Mechanism
Hold Mechanism (click to enlarge)


This method was adopted at separation of CUTE-I, TSD, Cute-1.7 + APD. All of three time demonstrations in orbit are successful.

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