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Small Satellite Program (SSP)

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EPS Subsystem ?

EPS Subsystem supplies electric power which is provided by batteries and solar cells to each subsystems and charge batteries by using erectric power of solar cells.

EPS Circuit Configration

Configuration of EPS Circuit Board

EPS Circuit Diagram

Solar Cell

Specifications of Solar Cell
Manufacture Emcore (Tecster)
Dimensions 38.4×63.2mm
Efficiency 23.2%
Voltage 2120±1.0mV
Current 363mA

Li+ Battery

Specifications of Li-ion Battery
Manufacture NEC-TOKIN
Dimensions 33.6×8.7×47.0mm
Nominal Capacity 1130mAh×4
Nominal Voltage 3.8V
Weight 39.0g

Li Battery

Circuit Board

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