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What is Environment Subsystem?

The normal performance of micro satellite Cute-1.7+APD II in the environment that imitates the launch environment and the space environment is confirmed.


Radiation Test

 When micro satellite Cute-1.7+APD II go to space, it is exposed to a severe radiation environment. So we actually apply radiation to our satellite and confirm its radiation resistance.

  We executed the examination that the proton line of 60MeV or less was irradiated to PDA at the physics research center of Oosaca university,and confirmed that the protection circuit operated according to the design,then PDA was stopped and rebooted.

  Furthermore we executed the examination that gamma rays with cobalt 60 was irradiated to a power supply system circuit board, the communication system circuit board, and the APD circuit board in the nuclear reactor engineering laboratory of Tokyo Institute of Technology and the TID was confirmed.So 13.6KRad at the amount of multiplication was irradiated to them, and we confirmed that they had TID for one year or more.

 In addition, the examination that the proton line was irradiated to H8 microcomputer at the physics research center of Oosaca university was executed for confirming the situation of the occurrence of SEU and SEL. Based on this result, Cute-1.7+APD II was made a stricter SEL measure than Cute-1.7+APD.

Vibration Test

 The rocket that carries micro satellite Cute-1.7+APD II to the orbit is solid fuel-liquid fuel mixture rocket of four step expression, and the installing equipment should endure the vibration environment that hangs at the launch.

 A random vibration and the signature sweep vibration examination were executed in the vibration examination room at ISAS, and the vibration and the impact tolerance of micro satellite Cute-1.7+APD II and the separation system for our satellite were confirmed.
Circumstance:Vibration Test

Vacuum Test

 In 10-4Torr of the vacuum environment that imitates the space environment, the normal performance of micro satellite Cute-1.7+APD II is confirmed.

Thermal Test

In the constant temperature tank where a severe space environment was assumed and the temperature environment from -20 to +60℃ had been imitated, the operation situation of satellite Cute-1.7+APD II was confirmed.
Circumstance:Thermal Test

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