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What is APD module?

APDs are the only semi-conductor devices which have internal gain. APDs can work as excellent light sensor for various fields of experimental physics
We have a plan to use APDs for the X-ray/gamma-ray observation satellite NeXT, which is a planned Japanese satellite which could be launched as early as 2011. In Cute-1.7 we will monitor charged particles flux in low-Earth orbit to estimate the total dose and possible radiation damage over expected 1 year mission life. Thanks to their internal gain and fast timing response, we can study the distribution of low-energy (E<10 keV) electrons and protons trapped in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) and the aurora band.



APD (Avalanche Photo-Diodes)

Reverse-type APDs(S8664-55)are adopted for performance demonstration in space. We have a plan to use reverse-type APDs for the X-ray/gamma-ray observation satellite.

APD (Avalanche Photo-Diodes)


H8 microcomputer (H8-3048F)

The flight model of APD module

APD Module FM Board
The flight model of APD module

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