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If you are involved in amateur radio activity and succeeded to receive telemetry from Titech Cute-1.7+APD II, we would really appreciate if you fill in the following items and let us know about what you received.
E-mail : cute1.7_receive [at]

We will send you this verification card if you inform us of your reception.

1. Name :

2. E-mail address :

3. Call sign (If you have one) :

4. Date of reception :

5. Time you received
<UTC +/- hour>
(Tokyo, Japan = +9, London = 0, New York = -5.....)

6. Place of reception(Longitude/Latitude) :

7. Country you are in :

8. Radio type of data you received :
CW(Morse code) / FM(Ax.25) / FM(SRLL)

9. Received data
*If you have FM packet binary data, please send us the data as attached file.

10. Receiving apparatus :

Thank you.


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