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Cute-1.7 + APD II Project - FM Telemetry Format -

Small Satellite Program (SSP)

Laboratory for Space Systems (LSS), Tokyo Institute of Technology

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FM Telemetry

FM Mode
Beginning 4 Bits Packet Format
0 PDA Normal 3Frames
1 PDA Normal 2Frames
2 PDA Normal 1Frame
3 (Reserved)
4 (Reserved)
5 PDA Picture
6 PDA Compacted Sensor Data
7 PDA Main Update
8 PDA File Download
9 PDAComplete Sensor Data
A DAQ Message
B Comm. House Keeping
C Comm. FRAM Read
D Comm. Message
E (Reserved)
F Others

Comm. Frame

The communication subsystem generates 5 types of the FM packet frame.

DAQ Frame

The DAQ generates 3 types of the FM packet frame.

PDA Frame

The PDA generates 9 types of the FM packet frame.

APD Frame

The APD generates 1 type of the FM packet frame.

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