Cute-1.7 + APD Laboratory for Space Systems

Cute-1.7 + APD II Project - FM Telemetry Format -

Small Satellite Program (SSP)

Laboratory for Space Systems (LSS), Tokyo Institute of Technology

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Comm. HK Mode

Comm. HK Frame
0 0xB0
1 System Time
5 FET Status
6 Sat Status
7 RX Reset Count
9 TX Reset Count
11 EPS 3.3V
12 EPS 5.0V
13 EPS Battery Voltage
14 EPS Main Bus
14 Temperature Comm. Board (Comm.)
15 Temperature Battery
16 EPS Battery Current
17 S 144MHz
18 S 1200MHz
19 EPS Battery Voltage Ave.
20 APD FRAM Address
Total 23bytes

System Time

System time of the comm. controller wchich indicates time from comm. activation. 4 Bytes(0~4294967295sec).

FET Status

FET Status describes power status of internal devices of Cute-1.7 + APD II.

7 APD3.3A
6 APD3.3B
5 APD Main
2 TH-59(1200MHz Uplink)
1 CW(430MHz Beacon)
0 DJ-C5(430MHz FM)

Satellite Status

Satellite Status describes status of Cute-1.7 + APD II such as settings or flags.

7 Satellite Mode
1:Debug, 0:Flight
6 USB Enable Flag
1:Enabled, 0:Disabled
5 RX Mutual Monitor
1:Enabled, 0:Disabled
4 TX Mutual Monitor
1:Enabled, 0:Disabled
3 Antenna Deployment Flag
1:Deployed, 0:Undeployed
2 DTMF Permission
1:Enabled, 0:Disabled
1&0 Digipeater Mode
2:Mailbox On
1:Digi On
0:Digi Off

Comm. Reset Count

Counter of resets on the TX and RX communication controller.

EPS Voltage

3.3V, 5V, Battery Voltage
3.3V, 5V, Battery Voltage
Main Bus Voltage

Main Bus Voltage



Battery Current

Battery Current


Where: V_out

APD FRAM Address

Address of FRAM which APD data is stored.

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