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Amateur frequency use

Cute-1.7 + APD is an amateur satellite and uses amateur frequency. Anyone can listen its signals.

CW telemetry

CW telemety format.


Frequency and protocol are as shown in the followings.

Modulation Protocol Operation Schedule
437.385MHz CW Morse any time
437.505MHz AFSK 1200bps / GMSK 9600bps AX.25/SRLL Currently only over Japan
1268.5MHz GMSK 9600bps AX.25/SRLL Currently only over Japan

For more detail, See these pages. Operation Schedule, Cute Digipeater Service, Communication Subsystem.

orbit information

NORAD TLE(Two Line Element) Updated

CUTE-1.7 (08/Jan/2007)
1 28941U 06005C   07004.14203837  .00030911  24576-5  34876-3 0  3149
2 28941  98.1562  47.6476 0251474 130.8832 231.4495 15.32966429 48242

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