Result of 2008/6/16 PM Passes @ TokyoTech


We downlinked attitude data from PDA during 2 passes in the afternoon. In the 2nd pass, while the elevation was high, we couldn't acquire enough data because of interference caused by illegal radios.


Also, conditions at the time of the latest picture was taken were acquired. From these informations, we concluded that a single command was not received by the satellite, and the result was not that which we expected.
We'll retry it soon!


Today, I'll explain about meanings of our message packets.

まず,"ACK TX"は,通信系コントローラのうち,送信系宛のコマンドが認識されたことを地上に通知するためのAcknowledge(応答)パケットです.
したがって,PDAの切り替えコマンドを送ったときや,CWの打鍵速度を変えるコマンドを送ったときなどに,応答として"ACK TX"が返ってきます.

"ACK TX" represents that the TX controller recognizes a command from the ground station.
The TX controller controls a PDA No.0/No.1 switch, keying speed of CW and so on.
Consequently, "ACK TX" will be transmitted when the PDA is switched-over or the keying speed is changed.

また,"ACK RX"は,通信系コントローラのうち,受信系宛のコマンドが認識されたことを地上に通知するためのAcknowledge(応答)パケットです.
したがって,PDAやAPDのON/OFF,FRAMへのデータの書き込みを行った際などに応答として"ACK RX"と返ってきます.

"ACK RX" represents that the RX controller recognizes a command from the ground station.
The RX controller controls power switches of the mission devices such as PDAs and access to FRAMs.
Consequently, "ACK RX" will be transmitted when the mission device is turned on/off or data is wrote to the FRAM.
(Note: FRAM data packet will be downlinked if data is read from the FRAM.)

ループテストは他の機器を必要とせず,受信機 -> 受信系コントローラ -> 送信系コントローラ -> 送信機という最小構成でアップリンク/ダウンリンクが確認できるため,衛星が最低限起動していること,通信環境の状況を確認することができます.
ループテストをする際のメッセージは自由に設定できるのですが,普段受信にご協力いただいている皆様への感謝を込め,"Thank you from LSS"を短くして"TNX_LSS"と送信させていただいています.

"TNX_LSS" is a loop test which is conducted to confirm satellite's communication channels.
Loop test only requires minimum flow of communication; receiver -> RX controller -> TX controller -> transmitter, then we can check them.

PDAが起動すると,起動したPDA番号に応じて,"PDA0 WakeUp"もしくは"PDA1 WakeUp"というパケットが5回連続で送出されます.

When the PDA is activated, "PDA0 WakeUp" or "PDA1 WakeUp" will be transmitted with the number of the PDA.
Then, we can know which PDA is activated.

これがPDA Ackです.

When the PDA recognizes a command, it acknowledges "OK" with some parameters. This is a "PDA Ack."
This packet is transmitted when a command related to the PDA, such as a time sync before an attitude experiment, order for taking a picture and so on, is received.

なにかご質問がございましたら,お気軽にcute1.7_question [at] lss.mes.titech.ac.jpまでご連絡ください!
今後とも引き続きCute-1.7 + APD IIをよろしくお願いいたします.

Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need further informations!
Contact : cute1.7_question [at] lss.mes.titech.ac.jp

Next Passes of the "OBJECT-C" @ Tokyo Tech
Tue 17 Jun 2008 (UTC+9) 07:37:53 07:39:34 07:41:16 00:03:23 070 086 101 0.8
Tue 17 Jun 2008 (UTC+9) 09:10:07 09:16:33 09:22:57 00:12:50 017 100 182 52.4
Tue 17 Jun 2008 (UTC+9) 10:47:10 10:52:15 10:57:20 00:10:10 347 294 241 11.8
Tue 17 Jun 2008 (UTC+9) 20:02:30 20:08:40 20:14:50 00:12:20 142 070 000 29.5
Tue 17 Jun 2008 (UTC+9) 21:38:57 21:44:50 21:50:45 00:11:48 200 264 330 20.1

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