CUTE-I Status

  CUTE-I Current Status.
Launched Successfully
Deployed Antennas & Solar Cell Paddle Successfully
Transmit CW beacon continuously, Onboard-Rx works well
Transmit FM Packet(AX.25, 1200bps) successfully by uplinked command
Sun Sensor works well
Transmit FM Packet(SRLL, 1200bps) successfully by uplinked command
Downlink SRAM data (immediately after separation) successfully
Conduct sensor test. All onboard sensors work well
   Operation Report   [2005/07/12 updated]
   Results of Telemetry Analysis    [2005/7/12 updated]

CUTE-I Scheduled Orbit
    Altitude 820km (+/- 25km)
    Inclination 98.7deg(SSO)
    Ascending node Time 18:00 (UTC)
This parameters(TLE) are bloadcasted on NORAD. This is the latest TLE of CUTE-I.

CUTE-I(2003031E)	[2007/01/08 updated]
1 27844U 03031E 07003.42160543 .00000055 00000-0 45992-4 0 9305
2 27844 98.7210 13.9683 0009552 202.0587 158.0206 14.20482898182086
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