CUTE-I Verification Card

We are ready to distribute CUTE-I verification card. We think two ways to hand you the card.
1.  via JARL QSL Bureau
We will send you the verification card via JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League).
2.  SASE(Self Addressed and Stamped Envelope)
Please send us the envelope with your address and name on it and sufficient pieces of IRC (International Responce Coupon) inside it. We will send back to you the verification card in that envelope.
If you want to get the verification card, please send us the following information.

  • Your name :
  • Your call sign (if you have) :
  • Your choice (1. JARL QSL Bureau / 2. SASE) :
  • Date and time when you heard CUTE-I :
  • Location where you heard CUTE-I :
  • Radio type which you heard (CW or FM) :
  • Received data (if you have) :

    Point of contact is

  • The design of CUTE-I verification card

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