CW Telemetry


1. Structure of CW telemetry

CUTE-I CW telemetry@is containing the HK data of the satellite(which in this case CubeSat). This Telemetry is organized like the picture below. From H0 through H4 is header data, and from A through F is C&DH data.

CUTE H0 H1 H2 H3 H4 A B C D E F



2. CW Telemetry Data

Table1 shows the detail fo CW telemetry data. Data B is set of bit which is showing the status of the satellite.

Table1 CW Telemetry Data

      #of char
H0 Rx SMeter hex(8bit) 2
H1 V_Batt hex(8bit) 2
H2 I_Batt hex(8bit) 2
H3 BUS30 hex(8bit) 2
H4 V_SC hex(8bit) 2
A Engineering Data hex(16bit) 4
B Status hex(16bit) 4
C SUN_1 hex(8bit) 2
D SUN_2 hex(8bit) 2
E Th_Batt hex(8bit) 2
F Th_comm hex(8bit) 2
    Total 26