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 CUTE-I & XI-IV becomes 4 years old!


 JAMSAT Symposium 2006



  AMSAT-NA has announced the following news about CO-55,56

SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-071.08
CUTESATs Receive OSCAR Designations

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 071.08
March 12, 2006
BID: $ANS-071.08

Bill Tynan, W3XO, coordinator of OSCAR numbers issued this
statement on behalf of AMSAT this week:

"By the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I am
pleased to issue your CubeSat amateur satellites the designation
CUBESAT-OSCAR-55 or CO-55 for CUTE-1 and CUBESAT-OSCAR-56 or CO-56
for CUTE-1.7.

AMSAT-NA and I wish to congratulate you and the entire Cute-1.7
team, as well as the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Your pion-
eering work will certainly inspire others to follow you in
constructing and launching this very innovative type of


 OSCAR Numbers for CUTE-I and Cute-1.7 + APD

  We have received the following OSCAR numbers for our two satellites, which are CUTE-I and Cute-1.7 + APD, from AMSAT-NA.
  We are proud of joining the OSCAR program and appreciate your kindly support. Thank you so much!!


 Cute-1.7+APD Successfully Launch !!

  Cute-1.7 + APD aboard the M-V Launch Vehicle No. 8 (M-V-8) has been launched successfull at 6:28 a.m. on February 22, 2006 (Japan Standard Time, JST)
  From the worldwide reception reports, we verified that the Cute-1.7 + APD had successfully separated. Currently the satellite is on initial system checkout.
  Cute-1.7 Project website
  Cute-1.7 reception reports map


 Cute-1.7 + APD launch postponed

  M-V-8 Launch has been postponed due to rainfall.
  Next Launch is scheduled at 21:28 a.m. on February 21(UTC)
  Cute-1.7 project website
  JAXA M-V-8 Countdown


 Cute-1.7+APD launch

  Our next satellite "Cute-1.7 + APD" is scheduled to be launched at 21:28(UTC) on Feb. 21, 2006 by M-V-8(JAXA) from Uchinoura, Japan.
  Cute-1.7 + APD uses amateur radio frequencies band. If you succeeded to receive teremetry from Cute-1.7, please let us know what you have received. We appriciate to your cooperation and would like to upload your data to our Website.   Cute-1.7 report address: cute1.7_receive[at]
  Details are shown on "How to receive Cute-1.7" page
  Cute-1.7 Project
  JAXA M-V-8 Countdown


 Cute-1.7 + APD launch date

  Our next satellite "Cute-1.7 + APD" is scheduled to be launched on Feb. 21, 2006.
  Now, it is conducted launch campaign at JAXA Uchinoura Space Center


  Cute-1.7 project website


 CUTE-I Paper Craft Model

  CUTE-I 1:2 scale paper craft model is released on gallery page.
  Please print A-4 size sheet and build the 1:2 scale CUTE-I.
  Have fun!
  Point of contact is cute [at]
  CUTE-I Gallery page


 CUTE-I Blog

  CUTE-I weblog is open. When Tokyo Tech Ground Station(Tokyo, Japan) received CUTE-I telemetry, analyzed results of FM packet are automatically entried.
  Point of contact is "contact [at]"
  CUTE-I Blog



  HAMFAIR 2004 was held at Tokyo Big Sight.


 CubeSat 1st Anniversary Symposium

  CubeSat 1st Anniversary Symposium was held at Tokyo University Honngou Campus.


  Happy Birthday CUTE-I!

  CUTE-I has been on orbit for one year.


  JAMSAT Symposium 2004

  We have exhibited CUTE-I on JAMSAT Symposium 2004 in Japan.


  Integration of CUTE-I Flight Backup Model

  We have integrated CUTE-I Flight Backup Model for ground test.


 Renewal of this web site design

  We have renewed the design of CUTE-I project web site.


 Cute-1.7 Project

  Please visit web page of Cute-1.7 Project, the successor of CUTE-I.


  Now editing. Wait, please!!


 Released CUTE-I CW Checker

  Released the software to analyze CW telemetry from CUTE-I.
  For "CUTE-I CW Checker", please click here


 Session at UNISEC Meeting & CubeSat Launch Report Meeting

  UNISEC Session and CubeSat Launch Report was held at Tokyo University Honngou Campus.
  Distributed paper of CubeSat Launch Report session (in Japanese)(pdf)


  Drop curtain for success of CUTE-I was placed at Titech library

  On the wall of Tokyo Institute of Technology, drop curtain which was praising and notifying the success of CUTE-I was set.


 Up dated Pictures of Russia Launch Site

  New pictures of Russia Launch site has up dated at Picuture Gallary.


  Letter from JARL

  We Received a letter from JARL(Japan Amature Radio League).


 CUTE-I aquired an official licence as for Amature Radio Station!!!

  With the member of Tokyo University XI-IV team, CUTE-I and XI performed accual communication test at Kantou-Sougou-Tsuushinkyoku(a center which unifies amature radio around Tokyo) and aquired an official licence for amature radio station.
  As a team, we all appriciate to people who had cooperated to this project. Thank you so much.


2003/07/05 16:14-16:29
 Sensor test of CUTE-I

  Conducted a sensor test of all sensor on CUTE-I and confirmed that every sensor of CUTE-I is acting normally.


 Message from the chairman of AMSAT-France

  We received message from the chairman of AMSAT-France.


2003/07/04 05:13-05:28
 Experimentally used SRLL protocol

  Experimentally, we used Titech's Original protocol, SRLL, for FM packets (1200bps).
  At gound station, receiving and decoding of SRLL was carried successfully.


2003/07/02 pm
 Report to Space Development Committee

  Report to Space Development Committee was carried out with Tokyo University XI-IV team.
  To view the brief paper please ckick here


2003/07/02 15:34
 Succeed to boot Sun Sensor

  CUTE-I Sun Sensor successed to activate.


2003/07/02 05:52
 Succeed to Receive and Decode FM Packet from CUTE-I

  Confirmed receiving and docoding of FM packet from CUTE-I
Temperature Analyze Data from FSK Packet Data


2003/07/01 17:31
 Succeed to Uplink command to CUTE-I

  Confirmed that CUTE-I is capable to receive uplink command and set CW Telemetry frame interval to 0 second(this means continous transmittion from CUTE-I)


2003/07/01 04:32
 TITech Ground Station Succeed to Receive CUTE-I beacon for the first time!

  TITech Ground Station(JQ1YCZ) succeed to receive CUTE-I CW beacon for the first time!!!


2003/07/01 02:53
 First Receiving of CUTE-I Beacon!

  CUTE-I CW beacon was Received at London by G6LVB!!!
From mp3 file sent from G6LVB, it was confirmed that solar paddle was opened.
For the mp3 file of this receiving by G6LVB,, please click here


2003/06/30 (L-0)
 CUTE-I Lift Off!

  At 2003/6/30 14:15:26(UTC), 18:15:26(Moscow), 23:15:26(JST), CUTE-I was launched successfully by Russian rocket "ROCKOT" at Plestek.
For details of Launch date, such as events, etc, click here


2003/06/29 (L-1)
 Day before the launch up. Final Preperation for tomorrow

  Final adjustment was made for Ground Station and prepared for launch up.


2003/06/27 (L-3)
 Interview from Jijitsuushinn

  CUTE-I team was interviewed from Mr. Matsuda of Jijitsuushin.


2003/06/25 (L-5)
 Team for Russian Custom Investigation returned to Japan

  Member of CUTE-I team who were in Russia for Custom Investigation return to Japan.
  In 26, the final member of CUTE-I team will leave to prepare for launch.

2003/06/22 (L-8)
 Return to Japan

  The first team returned to Japan.

2003/06/18 (L-12)
 MCC Observation & Departure from Plesetsk

  Teams observed MCC(Mission Control Center).
  Teams finished the ground operation, and left Plesetsk for Moscow.

2003/06/20 (L-10)
 Yomiuri Newspaper made an article of CUTE-I

  Titech and Tokyo University's CubeSat was pressed on evening news paper of Yomiuri Newspapaer.


2003/06/17 (L-13)
 Launch Pad Observation & Mounted on BREEZE-KM

  Teams visited ROCKOT Launch Pad.
  The integrated Multi Satellite Dispenser was mated with the upper stage (BREEZE).

2003/06/16 (L-14)
 Mating of the satellites to the Adapter

  The mating of the satellites to the Multi Satellite Dispenser (Adapter) has been completed by installing all satellites.
  Our ground operation at Plesetsk has finished.
  CUTE-I is prepared for the launch.

 UNISEC Workshop 2002

  UNISEC Workshop 2002 was held at Titech.

 CUTE-I Micro Gravity Experiment

  We have conducted CUTE-I micro gravity experiment at JAMIC in Hokkaido.


  CubeSat PDR has been conducted in Russia.

 Vibration Test of CUTE-I Separation system
  We have conducted vibration test of CUTE-I separation system at NASDA.

 Integration of CUTE-I FM

  We have started the integration of CUTE-I Flight Model.

 CUTE-I FM Structure has been integrated

  We have integrated CUTE-I Flight Model Structure.

 CubeSat & ARLISS joint meeting was held

  CUBESAT joint meeting was held at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

 CubeSat TESTPOD is arrived

  CubeSat TESTPOD is finally arrived from CalPoly.

 JAMSAT Symposium 2002

  We have exhibited CUTE-I Engineering Model on JAMSAT Symposium 2002.

 CUTE-I FM Carrying Case

  The carrying case for CUTE-I flight model is arrived.

 Preparation for CUTE-I PFM Continuous Operation Test

  We have started to prepare for CUTE-I continuous operation test.

 Measurement of the characteristic of Titech GS

  We have measured the characteristic of Titech Ground Station for the operation of CUTE-I.

 CUTE-I Additional Vibration Test

  We have conducted easy vibration test at Endo Laboratory in Titech.

 Calibrating CUTE-I onboard sensors

  We have calibrated gyros and accerelometers.

 CUTE-I Design Review

  We have discussed the design of CUTE-I, especially on communication subsystem.

 CUTE-I Vibration Test

  We have conducted CUTE-I vibration test at Micro Space System Laboratory in NASDA.

 Unisat 1st Small Satellite Workshop

  The 1st Small Satellite Workshop was held at TKSC, NASDA.

 CUTE-I Proto Flight Model are completed

  CUTE-I Proto Flight Model are completed.

 Molding the CUTE-I circuits boards

  We have molded CUTE-I circuits boards.

 Integration of CUTE-I PFM

  We have started the integration of CUTE-I Proto Flight Model.

 Preparation for Vibration Test at NASDA

  We have conducted preparation for vibration test at Micro Space System Laboratory in NASDA.

 CUTE-I was interviewed by JAMSAT

  One of the JAMSAT member has visited our laboratory. CUTE-I project was interviewed.

 The 4th University Space Systems Symposium(USSS 2001)

  USSS 2001 has been held at Cona, Hawaii

 The boards for CUTE-I FM circuits are arrived.

  The boards for CUTE-I flight model circuits are arrived. We are now making the circuit boards of CUTE-I flight model.

 Communication functional test at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Aeronautical Engineering

  At Tokyo Metropolitan College of Aeronautical Engineering, we have tested function of the communication subsystem: adjustment of devices, measurment of the pattern of the communication antennas, and so on.

 The outer shells of CUTE-I flight model have arrived, and we have prepared attachment of solar cells

  We have attached Kapton tape to outer shells of CUTE-I FM as preparation attachment of solar cells. After that, we send the shells to SHARP corporation. At the end of October, outer shells attached solar cells will return.

 ARLISS 2001 at the Black Rock

  Conducted functional test of CUTE-I deployable antennas in ARLISS project 2001.

 International CUBESAT meeting during AIAA Conference on Small Satellites, and Meeting with Calpoly

  One member of our team has attended the AIAA conference on Small Satellites at USU. During the conference, international CUBESAT meeting has held. And also he visit Calpoly with members from UT.

 CubeSat & ARLISS joint meeting was held

  CUBESAT joint meeting was held at University of Tokyo.

 The shipment date of CUBESAT was postponed

  The delivery date to Cal Poly for the first CubeSat launch was postponed from November 1st, 2001 to December 1st, 2001.

 Conducted thermal vacuum test at Onishi lab, ISAS

  We have conducted thermal vacuum test for CUTE engineering model at Onishi laboratory in ISAS.

 Conducted thermal test for CUTE EM

  We have conducted thermal test for CUTE engineering model by using homoiothermal chamber, preceded thermal vacuum test.

 Preparations of thermal vacuum test

  We are now preparating for thermal vacuum test.
  First, we have laid black paint upon the walls of CUTE engineering model.
  And we have affixed thermo-couples on the measuring points of temperature.

 CUTE-I Engineering Model has been made.

  We have made CUTE-I engineering model.

 Clean booth has been made.

  We have made clean booth for developing CUBESAT engineering model and flight model, etc.

 The first launch has been rescheduled

  The first CubeSat launch date has been postponed from November 15th, 2001 to May 1st, 2002.
  And the delivery date to Cal Poly has been changed to November 1st, 2001.
  Moreover, The orbit will change from 65 degrees inclination at 650km to sun synchronus polar at 650km.
  OSSS says the reasons of reschedule is mainly short of funds, and there should be many obscure reasons.

 The meeting on CubeSat design has been held at NASDA

  Titech and UT teams have been discussed the designs of each CUBESAT with professionals of NASDA.
  We have took much precious advices and acquired plenty of knowledge.

 Long distance communication experient has been conducted

  We have conducted very long distance communication test using ISAS's balloon at Sanriku, Iwate

 Critical Design Review

  We have held the CDR(Cubesat Design Review, Critical Design Review) jointly with UT team at Tokyo Institute of Technology on April 6th.

 The agenda of CDR has been fixed.

  The Critical Design Review of CUBESAT project has been fixed on the following date.
   Date: April 6th,  Location: O-okayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

 Renewal of this web site design

  For plainly bloadcasting the latest information of our development status, we have renewed the design of this Titech CUBESAT web site.

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