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  CubeSat Project
  Universities & Insitiutes Participating MOM mission in June 2003
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LSS Small Satellite Development Projects

 Cute-1.7 Project(2006/2/21 scheduled to be launched)

 Tokyo Tech Separation system Demonstratoin (TSD) @M-V#6 Subpayload Project (2005/7/10 launched)

 CanSat Project (ARLISS)

 CUTE-II Project(under construction)

CubeSat Project

  Stanford University, Space Systems Development Laboratory

  CubeSat Official Site


  Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center

  One Stop Satellite Solutions Inc. (OSSS) ---MPA


Universities & Insitiutes Participating MOM mission in June 2003


   University of Tokyo CubeSat "XI"

  NLS-1,2 Mission:

   University of Toronto "CanX-I" - Canada

   Technical University of Denmark "DTUSat"- Denmark

   Aalborg University "AAU CubeSat" - Denmark

   QuakeFinder "QuakeSat" - U.S. (triple Cube, 3kg)

Small Satellites(the class of 50kg)

   University of British Colombia "MOST" - Canada

   Astronomical Institute CAS "MIMOSA" - Czech Republic


Space Development Organizations

   Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)

   National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)

   University Space Engineering Consortium(UNISEC)

   Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

   SSCnote.-HP (in Japanese)

   Satellite Design Contest(Japan Space Forum)(in Japanese)

Support Companies

   ALINCO Co., Ltd.

   NEC/TOKIN Co., Ltd.

   KASATANI Co., Ltd.

   Makidenki Co., Ltd.

   Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Matsushita Fujisawa Manufacturing Center

   INVAX Co., Ltd., RPS Center

Amateur Radio

   The Japan Amateur Radio League. Inc. (JARL)

   The Japan AMSAT Association(JAMSAT)

   JA6PL (in Japanese)

   JH1TVN (in Japanese)

   JI1IZR (in Japanese)

   JH4XSY (in Japanese)


   CubeSat History (in Japanese)

  CubeSat History (Book) (in Japanese)
    Xknowledge Co., Ltd.

   Tokyo Institute of Technology Publications "Tech Tech", No.4, 2004 (in Japanese)

Future CubeSat Project

   University of Stanford "NarcisSat"

   Montana State University "MEROPE"

   University of Arizona "Ricon sat"

   Taylor University "TU Satellite 1"

   Stensat Group "STENSAT-2"

   Florida Space Institute(FSI)

   Wilcox High School "GOLO CubeSat"

   Nihon University CubeSat

   University of Colorado - Boulder

   US Naval Academy

   Washington University

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