Laboratory for Space Systems (LSS); Engineering Sicences and Design/Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, is dedicated to studying and developing novel space robotic systems since 1992 based on large-scale flexible multibody dynamics and control. We are conducting research works on reconfigurable space systems such as Reconfigurable Brachiating Robot (RBR) systems to be tested on Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) of the International Space Station (ISS), robot satellite cluster systems, astronaut-assisted smart devices and so on. In addition, we are actively engaged in international university cooperated development of small satellite systems since 1998: CanSat, CubeSat, Mother-ship Daughter-ship small docking mechanisms, international ground operation network system, and so on.


  • 14/Dec/2018 Updated the member list
  • 10/Apr/2018 Updated the member list
  • 01/Jun/2017 Dr. Nakanishi became an associate professor
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  • 01/Apr/2017 Dr. Nakanishi became an assistant professor of our laboratory
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  • 01/Jan/2016 Moved to the Ookayama campus of Tokyotech
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  • 06/Nov/2014 50kg Nano Satellite "TSUBAME" was successfully launched today! Please check out TSUBAME Operating Blog
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  • □Study and Development of Innovative Space Systems
  • On-orbit Services System, Reconfigurable Robot Satellite Cluster System, Dynamics and Control of Reconfigurable Distributed System, Formation Flying Control for Close Spacecrafts, Microgravity Experiment System on Ground Experiments and so on...
  • □Construct and Control of Large Scale Space Structure
  • Proposal, Research and Development of Tether Control Type Spinning Solar Sail, Deployable Modular Solar Power Satellite System, Attitude and Vibration Control of Reconfigurable Large Scale Flexible Structure and so on...
  • □Development, Launch and Operation of Micro/Nano Satellite System under the leadership of Students
  • Micro/Nano Satellite (CanSat, CubeSat, Gamma-Ray Observation Satellite etc...), Separation Mechanism for Piggy-back Launches, Mothership-Daughtership Satellite System, Satellite Cluster System, Small Docking Mechanism, Ground Station Network System and so on...

Satellite Development Projects

  • 28/Apr/2008Cute-1.7 + APD II has been succesfully launched
  • 22/Feb/2006 Cute-1.7 + APD has been succesfully launched
  • 10/Jul/2005 TokyoTech Separation Demonstration - TSD succeeded.
  • 30/Jun/2003 CUTE-I has been succesfully launched


    Professor                >>  Saburo Matunaga
    Associate Prof.          >>  Hiroki Nakanishi
    Secretary                >>  Mari Fujisawa
    - Doctor Course          >>  Kyosuke Tawara
                                 Qu Rui
                                 Yuhei Kikuya
    - Master Course          >>  Sho Koizumi
                                 Kenichi Sasaki
                                 Yusuke Shintani
                                Tsubasa Tsunemitsu
                                 Yuto Masuda
                                 Yohei Iwasaki
                                 Yuichiro Takeuchi
                                 Takashi Furuya
                                 Kei Watanabe
                                 AO Riggle
    - Undergraduate          >>  Hiroki Ando
                                 Tsuyoshi Nakashima
                                 Yuki Nakatsuka
                                 Teruaki Hayashi
    - Adviser                >>  Kaoru Matsubara
                                 Kiyona Matsubara
    - International Students >>  HORNHOLT Jonathan Menko
    Matunaga Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    # 554, Ishikawadai 1st Bldg., 2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo, 152-8552, Japan
    Access Map

    LSS wants new members who participate in our satellite projects. Applicants for the projects satisfy the following conditions;
     ・Possible to communicate to the project members in "JAPANESE"  	 
     ・Possible to commute to our school by yourself (travelling/school expences and so on...)    
    Please contact the following address, if you are interested in.